On the wave of binary transactions popularity brokerage platforms appear one after the other. One of the largest and most professional is the TopOptions platform.

Why choose the TopOptions platform?

It is the first binary options broker regulated by the European Union which has the license and which is under supervision of the EU. TopOptions offers its customers a wide range of innovative services, which are reaching to both the beginning user and the professional. The platform provides a variety of trading tools, services and products aimed at those involved in professional selection. Stressed should be the help for new investors who are just starting their adventure with binary options trade market.

Investment platform is characterized by a guarantee of safety and confidence, which is very important in the trade of large and small sums of money. Additional characteristics include professionalism and financial solvency. The platform was designed by a group of people specializing in the market, including experienced investors. As a result, we created a system friendly for the beginners and the advanced.

Unavailable anywhere else and characteristic feature of the TopOptions platform is the option to use more than 180 assets! In addition, the platform is characterized by ease of use and quick transactions through direct access. Platform works in the cloud, you can log on to the system from anywhere in the world and take part in global transactions in the financial markets. As with other systems, there is no need to install external software – the services of a broker can be accessed via a web browser.

Depending on your deposit, you can choose from three types of trading accounts:

  1.  Starter – a deposit of up to $ 999
  2.  Pro – a deposit of $ 1000 up to $ 4999
  3.  VIP – a minimum deposit of $ 5000

Official website offers access to the guides, training, and frequently asked questions (FAQ). In case of doubt, you can contact our customer service which provides help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The advantages of TopOptions platform:

    •  secure transactions
    •  simple, transparent rules
    •  accessibility from the web browser
    •  big profit from each winning trades
    •  a multitude of advanced types of options expiration
    •  Mobile platform available
    •  a wide range (180) of assets
    •  easy and fast procedures
    •  competitive risk management ratios
    •  live expert support
    •  large selection of trading products
    •  licensed brokerage platform
    •  incredible trading functions
    •  expanded resource center