Profit is not a matter of chance

The Securities Exchange is a place where one can earn a fortune or lose it. Every financial instruments market differs, so it requires different knowledge, skills, and plan of action. The same is true for binary options, to earn on them one does not simply rely on luck.

Binary options what is it

Options are derivatives that are not securities, their value depends on the amount of the underlying asset. On the stock market there are many option markets with different levels of difficulty. It was relatively recently, because only 3 years ago, when binary options entered into stock exchange in Poland. It is a favourite way of investing by traders online, because in contrast to other markets, forex stock options has a fairly simple principle of operation.


In brief it’s about placing accurate predictions as to the price variations of shares, bond yields, the amount of the interest rate, stock index values, changes in the market of resources and determining changes of quite unusual indicators such as the number of sunny days. In contrast to securities, where one earns or loses money on the exchange difference, here you get the so-called premium for taking the right decision. That’s why playing on binary options is considered by a group of financiers as gambling.

Binary options how to trade?

There is a need for the mediation of a stockbroker or broker. On the Internet there are binary options trading platforms and it is there that the investor should create an account. Mostly, they are easy to use, very intuitive and the idea of trading is quite digestible. Brokerage accounts are relatively easy to use, which cannot be said about the profitability of playing the stock market. Necessarily, before investing seriously, one might want to take the time to familiarize themselves with the operation of binary options.

Binary options markets

Before investing, one should choose the market in which it is planned to engage in transactions. It is worth to get to know in advance the structure and dynamics prevailing on the given trading floor. This will determine the amount of the daily inputs and time for which it is worth to engage the financial resources. Beginners usually make two grave errors: either invest only in one market, or choose too many. The most popular and the most frequently chosen markets by traders are exchange rates, commodities, indices and stocks. However, one can try their hand at other markets offered on brokerage platforms.

Binary options strategies

Each financial instruments market differs from others with dynamism and flexibility. So before investing in given options it is worth exploring the mechanisms operating on the relevant market. Every instrument requires a different strategy and a different kind of option. Most popular are the call and put options, otherwise known as traditional options. It is betting whether the value of the asset exceeds or not a given level. Often, but not so popular are the OneTouch options. It is forecasting if the value of a given good will rise or fall, but without providing a specific spread. Binary options 60 seconds strategy is a way of betting on a very short position, in the proverbial two minutes.

Binary options trading

Binary options trading mechanisms are fairly simple, one just needs to analyze the market of the underlying asset and choose a strategy. Not always, however, ready solutions are effective and give the desired rate of return. It is worth to use a demo account located on brokerage platforms. Thanks to them, one can develop their own effective system of the stock market game. Most binary options brokers offer a free trial account, but in some cases they are only temporarily available. Typically, if you want to test your account for an extended period of time, you have to meet additional conditions. A trial account is a great way to test your investment plan without having to engage your own cash.

How to make an investment plan

It may seem that the creation of such a project requires an appropriate education. However, in practice, doing it is quite simple, it only requires to take into account the following factors: determine the level of acceptable risk, the expected rate of return, time horizon and the size of transactions. Beginners often overestimate their skills and expect very large profits in a short period of time, but usually the reality verifies these impulse. When making an investment plan, you might want to realistically look at the markets and set goals accordingly. Experienced market players regard as success effectiveness at the level of 60 percent, for less experienced market players that can range even at 30 percent. At the beginning it is worth it to minimize the risk and put smaller amounts, it is true that the profit will not be large, but the loss will also be smaller.