Opteck.com functions for many years on the Polish market as one of the financial binary options brokers. Our editorial team has reviewed a large number of brokers and in our opinion Opteck.com deserves a large dose of attention. In this article we will focus on the examination of the platform and on providing reliable information about the broker. The first clear advantage of the broker is that a whole platform is Polonized, which makes it very easy to use. In addition to that, according to recent reports, in the near future there should appear further improvements addressed to the Polish users of the platform. Let us look closer at the platform.

The most important information about Opteck.com

Since May 1st, 2015 Centralspot trading is the owner of the advanced Opteck.com platform which enables binary options investments. The company is registered in Cyprus. The company has a CySec license (license NO. 238/14. -to see the license click here), which in the case of binary options brokers is a big advantage. Thanks to the fact that the previous owner was the B. H. N. V online LTD company which was registered in Belize, the broker also has the IFSC license (license number IFSC/60/377/TS/15 – to see the license click here). According to the owners declaration, the change is due to a desire to spread the activities on the European market. In order to facilitate investing for the Poles the page was translated into Polish language. In addition, Polish support is available for the Poles who are investing in options. Of course there are also other language versions, such as Russian, German, and even Arabic. It is worth noting the technical side of the platform. If you have questions or concerns, you can make a phone call or write an email with questions.

The design of the website is very modern, uncomplicated, everything is made in such a way as to make navigation around the site as friendly as possible to people without much experience. Registration on the site is quick and easy. Next, the user sees a large amount of helpful tools necessary to conduct their own binary options trade. Another very important information is that the connection to the website is encrypted with a RapidSSL certificate. 70 kinds of assets that we have at our disposal can be managed on a daily basis on every working day, 24 hours a day. The use of the platform is possible whenever global financial markets are open. Thanks to the thorough analysis of customer requirements an extremely advanced platform system has been created.

The intention of the creators was to make a friendly and easy-to-use platform for everyone – also for the layman beginning their adventure with binary options. Opteck offers real market prices, allowing clients to professionally trade around the world, not only on the Polish market. The next advantage is no need to having any technical knowledge. Thanks to the fact that it is an online platform, the whole thing is available without having to install software on your computer. Everything was prepared so that the first steps and the development proceeded quickly and smoothly. On most platforms, and also here, to use the platform you need to register and then log on with your password and your user name. If you experience any problems, please contact the customer service office.

Opteck registration

When registering the user chooses one of six accounts. It’s a nice variety and its purpose is to fit into the needs of beginners and advanced users, who decided on using the Opteck.com broker. Accounts require different minimum deposits. These are the costs incurred on the purpose of starting the game. Differences include also welcome bonuses, phone support and access to instructional videos, daily reports, contact and expert help. Remember that the larger the deposit the higher are your capabilities as a market player.

Types of accounts

Gold account – minimum deposit EUR 5000. Platinum account – minimum deposit EUR 10000. Black account – minimum deposit EUR 25000.

Opteck.com platform

Opteck.com platform is a binary options platform which is operating thanks to TraderSoft technology. It allows the use of a friendly, readable interface, what encourages the wide range of investing. One of the curiosities is that the investment can be carried out directly from the chart by clicking the mouse button. This gives the investors an insight into the situation, so they can see the situation on the market when concluding transactions. They also have a big picture of how bet statistics of other users look like. Important information should include the use of Opteck.com platform without the need to install software on your computer. It is important to have a web browser and a good computer connected to the Internet. Of course you need to register. The important information is that it is possible to manage your Opteck.com account by using a provided for free mobile application for your smart phone.

Opteck mobile application

With the help of the platform the user is provided with more than 70 assets divided into currencies, indices, commodities and equities.

Division of methods of investing is as follows:

  • high or low
  • limits
  • one touch
  • short term (30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes)

In terms of expiration time, we can make a choice from 30 or 60 seconds, or from several to tens of minutes. Such opportunities are rarely met in competitive brokers. This helps every user match the time of expiration in accordance with their own needs. However, remember that when the time gets shorter, the offered return is located on the lower level. To meet the demands of our customers, Opteck.com makes it possible to conduct transactions without interruption 24 hours a day, every day. A noteworthy issue which interests people that choose Opteck.com are payments, i.e. the minimum deposits to be paid in order to start the adventure with binary options and make withdrawals. To set up the most basic account – green, one must pay a minimum deposit of 250 euros.

Below are the various methods of payment for deposits and withdrawals:

  • Western Union
  • skrill
  • cashU
  • webmoney
  • credit card
  • wire transfer
  • debit card


To withdraw the money it is necessary to establish a minimum amount to be paid, in the case of Opteck.com this is 50 euros, which is slightly more than PLN 200, depending on the current exchange rate of the Euro. Before the withdrawal is made it is necessary to verify the account. Let us remember also about the withdrawal commission of 3.5%. Account fee is 7.5 euros per month.

Demo account on Opteck.com

People feeling some kind of fear of investing or seeking to find out how to invest in options have a certainly uneasy decision to make. Fortunately, the potential user has the ability to use a demo account, which allows to carry out virtual transactions and learn strategies of investing in options and fund management. Demo account is made available for free – just have one in the Opteck.com system.


To ensure transactions are conducted properly, the multitude of specialists are constantly being at the disposal of the investors. Contact them by phone through a hotline, by email, by leaving a phone number so a representative can contact us. You can also talk through chat. All contact details can be found on the Opteck.com website.


Specialists of Opteck.com took good care of people who start an adventure with options from scratch, no one was born a specialist. Knowledge counts in investing. Success or failure is decided by science – gaining information and gathering knowledge.

Opteck statement of investment

Opteck offers a wide, carefully prepared section for education purposes. In addition, each user can use the advice of personal advisers concerning matters relating to the account. The offer includes individual training, teaching aids in the form of video tutorials and e-books.


Opteck.com also offers bonuses on deposits, calculated depending on the size of the deposit. The attractiveness of the offer is manifested in the profit of the deposit, since the gain can range from 25% to 100% of the value of the deposit.

Is it worth it to trust Opteck.com?


Advantages and disadvantages of Opteck.com – summary

Opteck.com is a technologically advanced trading platform that meets every expectation, offering a variety of possibilities and what is important for beginners – it is intuitive. According to the assurances of the representatives and customer receipts, Opteck.com provides solutions to ensure transaction safety and appropriate help with investments, as well as additional bonuses and contests for its investors. Thanks to this professional platform a very powerful system was created which enables beginners to invest and not only those who already have some knowledge. The platform has the ability to register equal accounts which focus on different skill levels – simply anyone can choose something that suits them. Trading can take place around the world – this is a possibility which is encouraging more and more people. Their beginnings are calm, thanks to following councils they are able to draw from the binary options large profits. By the purpose of the most objective approach we are introducing the advantages and possible disadvantages of this solution.

Properties that can be considered as a disadvantage:

  • account maintenance fee
  • the lack of Polish bank account
  • the lack of long term options
  • the lack of Polish currency

The advantages of brokerage platform Opteck.com

  • expert help
  • the ability to open an option by using one button
  • learning materials not only for beginners
  • the ability to use any application for mobile devices
  • risk free trades option
  • high returns
  • user friendly interface

Remember! Before you make a decision about cooperation with Opteck.com, or any other broker keep in mind the most important thing – each transaction bears the risk.

Reasons why you should work with Opteck.com:

  • more than 70 types of assets
  • Professional online platform
  • customer office open 24 hours 7 days a week
  • help of the Manager and financial professionals
  • many withdrawal possibilities
  • tailor-made training
  • access to a demo account (after paying a deposit of USD 500)
  • at the beginning a bonus of up to 50%
  • return of up to 15% in the case of a failed transaction
  • up to 100% profit within a few minutes