Opinions and advice of a stock market investor

Investing in the stock market must be first and foremost rational and based on the current market information. In the case of binary options it is necessary to track the current market prices on which the intention is to enter. The source of this information can be financial portals, as well as a stock exchange website.

Binary options, what it is and how are they constructed?

Binary options are derivative financial instruments which appeared relatively recently on the European exchanges. They were listed for the first time on the trading floor on 3rd October 2012, however, not all EU countries recognise them on stock exchange. They give rise to much controversy among financiers. It is connected with the way the trading occurs, some treat binary options as a gambling game. There is some truth to that, as some inexperienced investors trade options at random and haphazardly.

money-1056438-1280x960Binary options belong to the group of derivatives, which have an asymmetric payout method. Simply put, they are not securities while their value depends on the level of the underlying asset. However, the profit is not dependent on the prices prevailing on the market but on the so-called premium. Options, in the assumption, were to protect investors against currency fluctuation on different markets. We can colloquially say that there are as many types of options as there are trading floors.

Analysis of binary options market

Investors, also known as traders, predict changes in the underlying assets market. If their assumptions will hold true, they are able to earn from 60 up to 80 percent of contributions, otherwise, they lose everything. A thorough analysis of the market helps to optimize the risk of a loss. The most popular are the fundamental analysis, technical analysis and the so-called news trading. A fundamental analysis is an estimation of whether the assets are appropriately assessed. Adequate observation of the market can help predict whether prices are jacked up or down. In this case it is enough to predict trend changes and set accordingly the call and put options. Technical analysis should be carried out at the time when it is known that the market asset prices are real. In such case financial trends among given instruments are analyzed and on this basis investments are made. The news trading is simply the observation of the current changes in the economy and trading floors which feel their impact. A well adopted tactic helps to make a good investment decision and it is why trade strategy should be based on it.

Binary options trading system

There are many different strategies of binary options trading and the traders invent newer ones. It is popular to trade binary options with the 60 seconds strategy, the 5 minutes systems, as well as with ones derived from the names of the animals, such as the strategy of a bear, a butterfly or a bull. However, not always proven solutions are effective because it all depends on the current situation on the market. Binary options are quite dynamic, and the direction of the changes depends on many external factors. Keep in mind that every investment involves the risk of capital investment loss.

Before investing real money it is worth to devote some time and try out a binary options demo account. You can do this with test accounts offered on the web pages of brokerage companies. Depending on the policy you can use them free of charge or under a certain criteria. Binary options platform is an excellent way to test how a real stock market trade looks like. It is also the only way to find out whether the platform is easy to use and intuitive and to get to know the financial terminology present on the markets. Different brokers have different account administration conditions and be sure to read them before signing the contract.

The market for the patient and persevering

Starting the adventure with binary options is not difficult. Online brokerage account access allows you to invest in the comfort of your home. This easiness draws in people attracted to easy and fast profit. They can be disappointed because if at the beginning of the game luck is on their side later comes the sobering moment. Binary options trading and investing by applying a random strategy may be cost effective, but it is only in the short term.

However, not everyone should invest in the stock market. Binary options are not the instrument for people trading under the influence of emotions and excitement. If the trader is planning to take out a large return on investment, they must realistically assess the current situation in the market and have the ability to carry out cold calculations. Certainly, not every decision and selection of a put or call option will be a success. However, overall it concerns the long term profit. The best options market players achieve the effectiveness at the level of 60 percent. It seems like a small value but it allows for a real and big profit.