How to trade, how to play the market, how to choose a broker?

Binary options trading becomes an increasingly popular way of making cash. Simple design and understandable speculation methods made it popular even among people who have not previously played on the stock market. Thanks to the fact that the platforms of binary options brokers are available on the Internet, almost everyone can start investing in them. This is an excellent opportunity to explain what exactly are binary options and how to manage them effectively.

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This new instrument in stock exchange turnover belongs to a group of derivatives characterized by an unbalanced way of payment. The word “binary” in the name means that they are made of two parts. Binary options raise a lot of controversies, because of their dynamic nature it is hard to legally control their market trade. Sole investment in them raises a lot of negative opinions, especially among experienced market players. This is an instrument that does not have an indirect way of making a profit, you either win or not. Because of this some financiers think binary options trading is akin to gambling. However, unlike it, luck is not enough to achieve big gains on the binary options. You need a knowledge of the market here, the right strategy and patience and poise.

Binary options trading

Binary options trading seems to be very easy, you can trade them on any assets market. In the brief, binary options trading involves speculation on the level of changes of a given financial entity. In connection with the way the speculation happens, three options types can be distinguished: call and put options, touch and no touch options and boundary options. Each of these types requires a different technique and trade system. Most frequently chosen by traders is the first type of option, it is a bet whether the level of assets will increase or decrease. In turn, in the options type touch/no touch the investor predicts whether the level of securities is within a specified range of values at a time. On the other hand boundary options are the complete opposite of the previous system. In this case, the investor makes a profit only when a financial instrument is outside the designated limit.

Binary options trading system

Binary options speculation may refer to every market, most market players choose forex, that is bet on currency fluctuations. Shares of companies, commodity prices, and forecasts of changes in the levels of stock indices are popular markets. If it is intended to achieve a profit of at least 80 percent of the contributions, the need is to maintain the efficacy at the level of 60 percent. Helpful in this may be four popular trading systems: a bear, a bull, the straddle and the butterfly. The bear strategy consists of betting the put option in two positions: long, with a higher price of maturity and short, with a lower price of maturity. In this case the investor wins at the time when the level of a given asset grows. However, the opposite is the case of the bull, because one simultaneously buys an option in a long position with a lower exercise price and a short position with a higher strike price. This allows protection against a decline in the level of prices on the market. In turn, the butterfly strategy consists of compiling all the four previous positions at once. It’s a very conservative action. Choosing the strategy of the straddle the trader loses only at the time when the level of the assets will remain unchanged.

Binary options broker

Simply put, a broker is a company or a natural person broking on the stock exchange turnover and acting on behalf of the investor. Stock exchange regulations only allow specified subjects to direct trade in financial instruments on the trading floor. That’s why binary options broker is required to even have the opportunity to invest. Another indispensable thing is the account that you need to manage your own options portfolio. Broker for their service, retrieves the specified commission, and for winning shall pay the option premium. Before signing the contract you might want to learn how it all works from the inside out. Preferably before signing a contract set up a binary options demo account. Depending on the brokerage company they may be completely free of charge or free for a specific period of time. Thanks to them you can learn how to invest on the stock market without the involvement of your own capital. Demo accounts allow you to exactly know which market to enter and what strategies to use. It’s a great way to gain experience and develop your own trading system.

By deciding on investing on the stock exchange you should be aware that it comes with a high risk. Not every inserted penny can generate a profit. That’s why in addition to a bit of luck you have to posses knowledge of the market and keep track of the latest news from the country and the world. Sometimes a slight fluctuation in politics can create imbalances in the level of asset prices on every market. Specialists recommend to abstain from investment funds in the event of any significant changes in the economy. There is no one proven way to achieve large profits on the binary options, each must find their own path to success. Luck is always welcome, but when it ends you have to support it with skills, otherwise you can lose the invested capital.